Transportation & Home Modification Services


The “Access to Healthcare” transportation program provides low-income elderly, non-wheelchair disabled, and chronically ill citizens of the eight-county service area rides to cancer treatments, dialysis, medical specialists, specialized testing as well as routine medical care. These trips connect clients to their medical providers in Twin Falls, Boise, or even Salt Lake City, when necessary. Along with medical transportation comes essential errands to the pharmacy, grocery store, legal and tax-related appointments.

IVC uses a “workforce” of (trained and insured) volunteers who drive their own vehicles to provide transportation. IVC’s services unique since no client is ever required to pay for services. IVC is considered the last resort to those who have limited financial/transportation/family resources and no other options for transportation. IVC requires a minimum of 48-hour advance notice to coordinate transportation arrangements.

Home Safety Modifications

IVC’s home safety modification program helps low-income elderly, disabled, and chronically ill citizens by installing wheelchair ramps, handrails & grab bar modifications for seniors. Studies indicate that home modifications help support the participants’ ability to age in place at home while making them more confident to live alone. Home modifications improve participants’ safety, accessibility, privacy, anxiety (knowing you have available transport to needed medical appointments is a game changer for homebound seniors’ mental anxiety) and occupational performance, especially in performing self-care activities.

Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps are needed for a variety of reasons; however, all mean the same thing to those who use them: the ability to access their community with ease. Installing a ramp will allow an individual easy access to enter and exit their own home safely. Making sure individuals have room to maneuver around easily and without any problems will help them maintain a higher quality of life without exhausting their energy and stress levels.